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Designed with your practice in mind

Our easy-to-use provider portal puts key information at your fingertips. On the portal, you and others in your practice can:
  • Verify patient eligibility
  • Submit or check authorizations and referrals
  • See your EOPs instantly
  • Access patient utilization stats and information
  • Change a member PCP
  • Manage the providers in your practice
  • And more

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Checking claims and eligibility in 2020

To ensure that we're responding to your critical questions as quickly as possible, we're changing the way providers check claims and eligibility. Starting on January 1, 2020, you must use the provider portal to check eligibility or claims status. The provider service team will no longer be able to respond to these requests by phone. Visit to log into the portal or to register for a secure account.



Frequently asked questions about the provider portal

It only takes about five minutes to register for the provider portal. Have your practice's tax ID number handy before you start.

Access requests are managed by the user administrator for your practice. Contact your user administrator if you have any questions.

Each provider site must have at least 1 designated User Administrator. To become a User Admin for your practice, fill out the Provider Portal User Administrator Application and send it to

User Admins are responsible for managing requests for site access. AllWays Health Partners will review and approve user administer access within 48 hours of the completed form submission.

Your login credentials expire and be deleted if you do not log in within 90 consecutive days. If your account is deleted, you will be required to re-register.

For each provider site that you have access to, your access will expire every 364 days. Prior to expiration, you will receive an email reminder to renew your access.

If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the "I Forgot My Password" link within the Provider Portal login page. You will be asked to provide a contact phone number and answer a security question.

For registration support, technical issues, or other questions and concerns, contact