Streamlining your experience

 AllWays Health Partners is launching several enhancements to our digital prior authorization tools. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming:

  • Immediate approval for medically necessary outpatient services
  • Search authorization requirements by code
  • Removing prior authorization requirements 


Immediate approval for medically necessary outpatient services

In September, we are enhancing the prior authorization functionality in our provider portal:

  • For outpatient services that meet criteria, you will receive approvals in seconds
  • Seamless process: request authorization and enter medical necessity information in one screen
  • Get approvals 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
    These enhancements are designed to speed up the authorization process so you can discuss next steps with your patients before they even leave your office.

Search authorization requirements by code

Later this summer, we’re launching a tool so you can search by code to see authorization requirements instantly. By having easy access to the latest requirements, this will reduce the number of unnecessary requests and save you time.

Removing prior authorization requirements 

We've lifted the prior authorization requirement across all lines of business for several services that are currently managed by eviCore Healthcare.

View the full list of changes.

eviCore will continue to manage all of the other services that they currently manage. Visit the AllWays Health Partners page on the eviCore website.

Authorizations for Lutetium therapeutic radiology

As of July 1,  AllWays Health Partners will manage prior authorizations for A9513 - Lutetium Lu 177, dotatate, therapeutic, 1 mCi. Please submit requests for this service through our secure provider portal.