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Questions about e-payments?

Here's how to reach our e-payment partner, ECHO Health, with questions about payment & status, EDI connectivity, or virtual credit cards.

EFT/ERA or EDI assistance
888.834.3511 or 

Virtual Credit Card assistance

Provider Portal assistance


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Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Providers who are not registered to receive payments electronically will be automatically enrolled in this payment option.

If you are enrolled in this payment method, each explanation of payment (EOP) will contain a virtual credit card with a number unique to that payment transaction and an instruction page for processing.  

How will I receive my virtual credit card?

  • If you have a HIPAA certified fax number on file, your office will receive fax notifications.
  • If you do not have a fax number on file, we will mail your virtual credit card.


Can I opt out of receiving a virtual credit card?

Yes. After you receive your first VCC payment you can manage your payment preferences and opt out of VCC at any time by visiting You also contact ECHO directly at 800-895-0713.


What if my practice receives multiple paper checks under one tax identification number?

If providers in your practice operate under a group tax identification number (TIN) but receive separate checks for various National Provider Identifications (NPI), your VCC payments will be consolidated to one payment at the TIN level.


What if I want to receive paper checks?

You can continue to receive paper checks and paper EOPs by opting out of the virtual credit card services here.

TIP: Be sure to enter the payment information for the full amount of the card's value and do so prior to the expiration date on the card. Normal transaction fees apply based on your merchant acquirer relationship.  


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If you are enrolled in EFT payments from AllWays Health Partners, you will receive your ACH payments from our partner ECHO Health.

How can I sign up for EFT payments?

To sign up for EFT payments, you will need to enroll through the ECHO Provider EFT/ERA Enrollment. You can set up EFT payments from AllWays Health Partners here. You can choose to enroll using one of the following options:

Can I register to receive EFT payments from all payers?

Yes, you can choose to set up EFT payments from all payers processing payments on the ECHO platform here. A fee for this service may be required.

To sign up for EFT payments from only AllWays Health Partners (no fees apply), click here.

TIP: Payment will appear on your bank statement from Huntington National Bank and ECHO Health, Inc., as “HNB – ECHO”.   


Medical Payment Exchange (MPX)

If you are not enrolled to receive payments via EFT, you opt out of the virtual credit card, and you have enrolled for MPX with another payer, you will receive your payments in your MPX portal account.  Otherwise, you will receive a paper check via mail.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) / 835 files

After January 2022 providers will no longer automatically receive ERAs (835 files) from AllWays Health Partners. Please see below for how to retrieve your 835 files on a weekly basis.

How will I access my ERA?

After December 8, 2021 you can access your ERA (835 files) from your designated clearinghouse or by enrolling through the ECHO Provider EFT/ERA Enrollment. To enroll, simply click here and follow the prompts to begin, then select the option to enroll in an ERA only. You can choose to enroll using one of the following options:


Will I be charged to access my ERA?

Because AllWays Health Partners does not charge our electronic trading partners for EDI transactions, we have made arrangements with Change Health to waive their fees for your AllWays Health Partners files.

Clearinghouses will retrieve ERA files from their respective folder on the ECHO portal and download that information into their system. If a clearinghouse does not receive files from ECHO, they can request the file be reloaded by emailing

Providers should visit the ECHO Provider Payment Portal to retrieve files for free. Please note that providers will not be charged only if they are not currently charged for other payer’s files.


How can I make changes to ERA distribution?

Changes to the ERA enrollment or ERA distribution can be made by contacting the ECHO Health Enrollment team at 440-835-3511.

TIP: Since the ERAs are generated from the ECHO system, the ERAs will be distributed using the ECHO Payer ID 58379 instead of the Change Healthcare Payer ID. Please update your practice management system to accept both Payer ID’s. All generated ERAs will be accessible to download from the ECHO Provider Payment Portal (

Explanation of payment (EOP)

You can access EOPs by claim number from the ECHO Provider Payments Portal. To search for an EOP by date range and to see a detailed explanation of payment for each transaction, log into or create a new account using your TIN and an ECHO® draft number and payment amount.

Please note that EOPs from before December 8, 2021 are also accessible from the ECHO Provider Payments Portal.