Frequently asked questions

Is this tool only limited to appointments with ONLY AllWays Health Partners members?

No. To help increase access to care and support social distancing, AllWays on Teams will be available for appointments you have with all your patients regardless of who their health insurer is.

Is this service free?

Yes, AllWays on Teams is now a free resource for all contracted providers. To accelerate access, however, we will offer the virtual visit platform to new providers as soon as they submit a letter of interest and before their effective date. Prior to your effective date, we will pay out-of-network rates for your telemedicine visits.

Are there any EMR integrations with this tool? How is an encounter documented?

AllWays on Teams does not integrate with EMR. You will document these visits in your EMR just as you would an in-person visit.

Will this platform support both video and audio, or will my patient need to call in separately?

AllWays on Teams supports video and audio. We recommend that clinicians use the AllWays on Teams app on their tablet or cell phones to ensure they have access to a camera and microphone during their virtual visits.

Is this tool HIPAA compliant?

Yes. AllWays on Teams is HIPAA compliant because it does not store any patient information. Read more about how Teams enables HIPAA compliance.

What are the technical requirements for using this platform? Do I need to have Office 365? Can I use this on IOS?

There are no bandwidth or technical requirements for you or your patients.

Can I record an encounter?

To preserve HIPAA-compliance, the recording functionality is not available.

Can we have multiple user administrators, meeting schedules, and clinicians using this tool?

Each practice must designate a single user administrator. Multiple meeting schedulers and clinicians can have access.

Does my patient need a Microsoft Teams account or have Office 365 to attend the visit?

No. Your patient is not required to have a Microsoft Teams account or have Office 365. Once they receive an appointment invite, all they need to do is click on the link from their desktop computer, laptop, mobile device or tablet.

Can I send an appointment invite via text, or does this only support email?

No, AllWays on Teams does not support text messages.

How does a clinician and the patient access the appointment?

Clinicians log in to access their appointments via their AllWays on Teams calendar. Patients will access their appointment via an email sent by the appointment manager. At the time of the appointment, all the patient needs to do is open the email and click the link.

Can I share a document with my patient on the screen during an encounter?

No, to help ensure HIPAA compliance, the screen sharing feature is not available.

Am I required to use AllWays on Teams or can I continue to use a different platform?

No, you are not required to use AllWays on Teams. This service is designed to support providers who do not have existing technology for virtual visits. AllWays Health Partners reimburses for telemedicine on any HIPAA-compliant platform.

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