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Provider survey extension, response to ED boarding crisis, and Medicare Balance updates in December 2022

Featured story: Celebrate National Giving Month with these 10 volunteer ideas

December celebrates National Giving Month, starting with International Volunteer Day, recognized on December 5th. While that celebrates the contributions of volunteers worldwide, you can certainly make every month into an opportunity to help others. In some cases, you don't even need to leave home to make an impact. 

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Provider surveys, discharge planning for homeless patients, and oral health provider education in November 2022

Featured story: Holistic health benefits of chiropractic care

When people hear chiropractic care, many think of alleviating pressure in the back with a distinctive series of cracks. While spinal manipulation in that way is part of this type of care, it's far from the only benefit.

This complementary medicine has been increasing in popularity — in fact, one estimate notes that projected job growth for chiropractors is twice as high as the average for nearly all other U.S. occupations—in large part because it isn't just occasional back cracking to release tension in the spinal joints. Here's what the research says on this treatment's wider array of benefits.


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In this issue:

  • Provider surveys
  • Discharge planning to support members experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • Oral health provider education
  • Medicare Advantage diagnosis codes
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Rebrand
  • Gender-Affirming Care for MassHealth members
  • Medical policy updates
  • Interqual update
  • Code updates
  • Drug code updates
  • New codes
  • Formulary updates
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Becoming Mass General Brigham Health Plan, new Medicare Advantage plans and Allies expansion in October 2022

Featured story: Providers, here's what to expect in the next few months

As fall enrollment season approaches, we wanted to share some important updates to ensure you have all of the information you need to support your practice. We will continue to provide more updates as 2023 approaches, so continue reading for a look at what's ahead. 

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In this issue:

  • Update on becoming Mass General Brigham Health Plan
  • AllWays Health Partners to offer Medicare Advantage products
  • Allies expansion
  • Travel benefit
  • Hospital inpatient utilization report
  • Medical policy updates
  • Code updates
  • Drug code
  • New codes
  • Formulary updates

Update on becoming Mass General Brigham Health Plan

As you know, we have announced that AllWays Health Partners will become Mass General Brigham Health Plan on January 1, 2023, to reflect and advance the system’s unique provider-payer integration that is improving health outcomes, reducing costs, and transforming the healthcare experience.

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Interqual update and drug fee schedules in September 2022

Featured story: Major health benefits that come from gardening

At times, yard work can feel like a major chore for some. Whether it's beautifying an outdoor landscape or simply putting a few plants indoors, it can seem like yet another to-do in an already busy schedule. But research indicates that gardening on any level can be a major health booster. Continue reading to learn about the major health advantages.

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Recognizing National Breastfeeding Month, Gender-Affirming Care Provider Self-Identification Form, and enhanced provider portal features in August 2022

Featured story: Understanding the health benefits and challenges of breastfeeding

In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week, August 1st—7th, we want to expand breastfeeding education by sharing resources and insights from our medical leadership team around best practices for individuals that choose to breastfeed after giving birth. Continue reading to get answers to the most common breastfeeding questions.

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In this issue:

  • Gender-Affirming Care Provider Self-Identification Form
  • Claims address update
  • Portal feature for P2P requests and new authorization closure legend
  • Drug fee schedules to be updated
  • Medical policy updates
  • Code updates
  • Drug updates
  • Formulary updates
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Mass General Brigham Health Plan announcement, recognizing BIPOC Mental Health Month, machine-readable file update in July 2022

Featured story: AllWays Health Partners Becomes Mass General Brigham Health Plan

Providers: Beginning on January 1, 2023, we will change our name to Mass General Brigham Health Plan. We are making this change to reflect and advance our value-based care agenda, and to further our vision for a unified healthcare system that fosters collaborative innovation within Mass General Brigham and with all our healthcare partners. Our goal is to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and to transform the healthcare experience for everyone involved, including our valued network providers. We will be communicating more details in the coming weeks. 

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Annual updates to fee schedules, telemedicine modifier requirements, and resources that meet members on their gender affirmation journey in June 2022

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist

Featured story: Resources that meet members on their gender affirmation journey

At AllWays Health Partners, we want our members to live their healthiest life in alliance with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. That’s why we offer gender-affirming care management for members in need of help navigating healthcare, answers to questions, or support along their gender journey. Continue reading to learn more about our gender affirmation care management program available to members of AllWays Health Partners.

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Lyra launch, cultural competency training for providers, and recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2022

Featured story: tips for taking your medication for depression—from a psychiatrist

If you have patients that have questions about depression medication, we've put together some best practices along with lifestyle habits to share with insight from board-certified general and child adolescent psychiatrist, Debra Katz.

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Allies, provider roundtable, and ways providers deliver quality healthcare in April 2022

Featured story: Providers can deliver quality healthcare by focusing on this fundamental

Although innovations in diagnostics and treatment are essential to moving medicine forward, there's one aspect of healthcare that will always remain foundational: the connection between patients and their healthcare providers.

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Formula recall, the Launch of Rx Savings Solutions, and how to recommend your patients to our Healthier You program in March 2022

Featured story:

Do your patients know about our Healthier You program?

Have you heard of our Healthier You program? As a provider, you can recommend this program to your patients who are looking to lose weight, eat more healthfully, increase physical activity, and reduce the risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. In recognition of National Nutrition Month, learn more about the Healthier You program at AllWays Health Partners.

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In this issue:

  • Advance explanation of benefits (AEOB)
  • Formula recall
  • Rx Savings Solutions
  • Medical policy updates
  • Formulary updates
  • Code updates
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